Doreanse Underwear 1008 Strapless Jockstrap

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A new addition from Dorenase is a new take on a Jockstrap or, is it a Jock that’s missing the straps…. it’s certainly different! Comprising a dedicated shaped pouch with an elastic backing to keep the family jewels tucked away once in the sack. What of the derrière? Well, it’s a Commando affair, with zero obstructions or irritations. Taking the humble Jockstrap to another level. The pouch is made of soft single-skin microfibre with soft bindings, the hems comprise signature branding. Utilising a light and comfortable 3.5 cm waistband, with wrap-around signature branding. Ghost-like uniquely styled men’s underwear!

Please note that this garment does not connect the front pouch with the waistband at the back like a G-string does. This one sports a free-hanging sack!


85% Polyamide. Polyamide is a flexible synthetic fibre, also known as nylon. Polyamide’s fabric is waterproof and can take rubbing and scraping without wearing away, but is prone to degradation by acids and sunlight.

15% Elastane. Elastane also referred to as spandex or lycra is a manmade fibre that can be stretched up to 7 times its length and has great elastic recovery, it’s also stronger than rubber. Elastane fabric is often blended with other fibres like cotton, nylon, and polyester to give garments the capacity to stretch, it also helps with compression and shaping.

Care Instructions

Machine washable @ 30C Max, normal cycle. Do not Tumble dry.

About the brand

The Doreanse brand was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999. The company’s roots are based on manufacturing luxury undergarments for men and women, creating products from the highest quality materials. The Turkish cotton used in the production of Doreanse underwear is more durable because it contains more threads per square centimetre.

The Doreanse underwear range is broad and caters to sexy and classic underwear styles made from high-quality and lasting fabrics which are pleasant to the touch and very comfortable to wear. The modal fabric used in some products is organic since it is derived from beech trees and is resistant to shrinkage and fading, most importantly it gives the feeling of silk when in touch with the skin. There is a distinct difference in durability at this competitive price range between Doreanse manufactured products and other competitors.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 2.5 cm


S 30"~32", M 32"~34", L 34"~36", XL 36"~38", XXL 38"~40"


Purple, Red, Sax Blue

1 review for Doreanse Underwear 1008 Strapless Jockstrap

  1. iandgibson (verified owner)

    This is a great item! But, you knew there was a but coming… I’ll come to that later, 1st the product…
    I wasn’t sure how the strapless design would work at first.
    On reflection, it is very cleverly designed to form a tuck under or cup to hold your sticky out bits.
    Nice branded waistband, and a pouch made of 3 layers, 2 of which make up the bulge enhancing pouch. This is made of fine Polyamide which is not only translucent but stretchy, very stretchy as it comfortably accommodates the family jewels, whilst the 3 rd layer is very cleverly designed to be the outer layer but also runs along the bottom of the pouch to form the cup and has Doreanse branding elastic on the outside to hold everything nice and snug, and is made of a slightly heavier gauge Polyamide, which is double lined like a modesty panel.
    When I say the cup is cleverly designed, If I was tell you that I road tested the cup, I can confirm that it comfortably holds a normal sized apple in the cup (I wish I could post the photo I took to demonstrate)!
    Also, because they are strapless and have nothing to hold the pouch tight as normal jocks/thongs do, when its all in place, and you are wearing loose clothing or even no clothes, everything just swings about, commando style, but it feels great.
    The material, the fit, the pouch design all combined with the 3 colour variants means I would not hesitate to recommend this product.
    However…… 2 notes of caution;
    First, I found I need to pull the waistband higher on the waist than I normally do to pull the pouch and cup into a higher position to enable the cup to catch and hold my jewels. If your jewels don’t hang loose or your not naturally elongated, they might not be for you, sorry. Second, this item is strapless, and even though they hold your jewels, there is no strap to hold the pouch tight to your body, and if you do get excited, the pouch becomes a flag 🙂

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